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Food Allergy Specialists

Food Allergy Specialists

Children with Food Allergies, Celiac Disease and EoE can eat safely and deliciously at Camp Emerson.

We are the “The Food Allergy Specialist” and are leading the way in setting standards in the camp industry.

  • We support ALL food allergies, Celiac Disease and EoE.
  • Camp Emerson is completely PEANUT, TREENUT, SHELLFISH & SESAME FREE.

We have campers with all of the top 8 allergies and more.

  • Celiac campers have thrived here. Gluten free foods are always available.
  • Food Allergy Kitchen area with separate equipment.
  • Professional chefs trained in cross-contamination.
  • Vegetarians and Vegans will also feel satisfied with the options available.
  • We have a team of Registered Dietitians on staff to prepare each child's menu. We understand that trusting your child with food allergies to the care of someone else can cause a fair amount of anxiety. Our goal is to make going to sleepaway camp not only possible BUT worry free for you and your child. We've seen it happen every summer. The key to a successful experience is our planning and attention to detail. That's our philosophy for everything we do here at Camp Emerson.

Sue Lein, Owner and Camp Emerson Director, understands because she is allergic to eggs. Sue will want to speak with you personally about your child's allergies and dietary needs. Together you'll make an individual plan. You'll meet our team of Registered Dietitians, Chefs and Health Staff. They specialize in supporting children with food allergies.

Here are some of the steps we take to prepare for a successful camp experience:

  1. First you’ll have a conversation with Sue, Camp Emerson Director, to discuss your child's food allergies or Celiac Disease, food likes and dislikes, personality and interests.
  2. You'll provide us with medical records and your Food Allergy Action Plan.
  3. We will send you the complete camp menu along with lists of alternatives and substitutes. You’ll be contacted by one of our dietitians prior to camp to review the menu and make adjustments based on your child's specific needs and preferences.
  4. Our Nurse Practitioners will review your medical information and, as needed, contact you regarding medication (if required) and to review your Food Allergy Action Plan.
  5. We welcome each family to visit camp, see the Kitchen and Dining Hall and meet all the key staff prior to the start of camp. This really helps to build everyone's confidence prior to the summer.
  6. Our menu is carefully developed to match the foods your child can and can’t eat. Sometimes we may have you send your own food items to supplement our menu and to make sure that your child’s favorite treats and backups are in our kitchen. Campers have access to the kitchen and chefs at any time.
  7. Your child's cabin counselors will be briefed on his/her food allergies and action plan.
  8. 100% of Camp Emerson staff are trained to administer epinephrine. There is epinepherine stationed all around camp.
  9. We will be in contact during the summer to let you know how the plans are working and to get your feedback. The Dietitians will be seeing your child daily for their questions and input as well.
  10. Your child’s meals are individually handed to him/her and double checked at the time of delivery.
  11. Food is not allowed in the bunk except for our long standing tradition of breakfast-in-bed - all supervised by the food allergy staff.
  12. Everyone eats safely and deliciously and can focus on having fun at camp!


Check out our Menu Page for details about our food choices.

Download - Your Child With Food Allergies Can Go To Camp, by Sue Lein, Camp Director, Camp Emerson

Download - Our Food Allergy Specialist Brochure for more details.

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FARE - Food Allergy Reserach & Education - Sue is the Chairperman for the Boston Walk and Sponsors 6 Northeast Walks, the Teen Summit and National Conference

FAACT - Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team - We partnered to host Camp TAG at Camp Emerson in 2016





Number of peanuts and treenuts allowed at camp = 0!