Oasis at Camp Emerson is a great chance for kids with autism and Aspergers to experience summer camp and meet new friends all while still having the safety of their parents on site. It’s also a fantastic way for parents to enjoy some free time, meet other parents and take a vacation. Call us at 800-782-3395

A Letter from the Camp Director:
My name is Sue Lein and my family has owned Camp Emerson for 45 years. My son and I have always wanted to have a camp where autistic children, like him, and their families could come together, enjoy camp activities, get some needed rest and have a vacation together.
- Sue

Why Oasis?

  • Kids can enjoy a real camp experience
  • Ample free time for parents
  • Plenty of family time
  • Siblings are invited too!
  • Make Friends
  • Trained and caring staff
  • Atmosphere of understanding
  • A Camp Director who is one of the group

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