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About Us

Imagine 100 wonderful women arriving to have fun and relax. Many come with friends, some in large groups to reconnect and quite a few come alone or in pairs. No matter what, by the first dinner we are one big happy group dancing, sharing stories and beverages and laughing for hours and hours. Over 60% of the women re-register for next year BEFORE they leave! This is a huge compliment. It's a weekend to relax and be you, something we all deserve.

Here are some comments for the Women’s Getaway Weekend participants:

“That was the best weekend of my life and I can’t wait to do again next year”

“The food far exceeded my expectations. Everything was fresh, seasoned perfectly and delicious.”

“The staff were professional and helpful. They made the weekend.”

“Women’s Getaway Weekend was the best time! My friends signed up for next year before we left.”


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