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10 reasons to send your kid to summer camp

Sue Lein
Posted by: Sue Lein

Date: Tuesday, 14 March 2017 -  
American Summer Camp , In the Press

When planning activities for your child to occupy them over the summer, there are lots of competing options on both your time and money. Here are some reasons given by kids, counselors and parents as to why camp is a great experience.

Camp Emerson 2017 Award for Courage

Sue Lein
Posted by: Sue Lein

Date: Monday, 12 December 2016 -  
Announcements, In the Press, Camp News

Camp Emerson is pleased to announce a new initiative, our Award for Courage.

Each year we will recognize a child who has demonstrated personal courage and support for others. Free 2-week tuition will be awarded to a first-time camper between the ages of 7 and 15 in December for the following summer.

It is our pleasure to give our 1st Annual Award for Courage to Mason Wicks-Lim. Congratulations!

How to build resilient kids when life events leave adults shaken

Sue Lein
Posted by: Sue Lein

Date: Saturday, 10 December 2016 -  
History, American Summer Camp , In the Press, Camp News

Despite my years on the earth, I'll admit that recent political events have left me shaken. I've been thinking a lot about our country, my family, friends and customers and what's my role in moving forward in a positive way for all of us. What's different this time is the level of raw emotions all around me. A teacher friend of mine told me that his students have been "rattled" since the election. My LGBT friends are scared for their children's safety. My Muslim neighbors are hiding who they are. A disabled college student I know is worried he'll lose his government loans and have to leave school. Every day, someone discloses their fears like I've never witnessed in my adult life.

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