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Camp Emerson Bucket List

Tom Sheldon
Posted by: Tom Sheldon

Date: Monday, 03 October 2016 -  
American Summer Camp , Announcements, Camp News

As Camp Emerson turns 50 this coming Summer, we have put together a time-tested bucket list of must do things at Camp. If you even wondered, what activities can I choose, how do I keep the experience fresh year on year, or how can I challenge myself, this list is for you! Featuring some ideas for our 2017 reunion too, what better way to relive the camp experience - tick everything off your bucket list while you visit for our fun packed weekend - Aug 11-13th 2017.

Our Goal – To make summer camp affordable and accessible to all

Sue Lein
Posted by: Sue Lein

Date: Monday, 14 March 2016 -  
American Summer Camp , International Families, Announcements, Visual Arts

My family started Camp Emerson in 1968. We believe in the power of summer camp to foster independence, cultivate friendships, explore the natural world and to be a kid and have fun. It takes a lot to make it work – finding passionate, skilled staff, love and care of the property, endless safety precautions, tons of healthy delicious food, developing partnerships and trust with parents and 24/7 programming to keep the children engaged.

Family Summer camp – the alternative family vacation.

Sue Lein
Posted by: Sue Lein

Date: Thursday, 18 February 2016 -  
American Summer Camp , International Families, Announcements, Visual Arts

Have you watched your kids go off for camp and felt a little tinge of envy that you aren’t going to share the fun and excitement of traditional camp activities, the unbreakable bonds formed over campfires, s’mores and bunk comradery?

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Emersonians have come from 39 different countries