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Camp Emerson Announces Artist-In-Residence

Date: Monday, 02 March 2015. -  
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We are proud to announce that Young Adult Author, Leila Sales, has agreed to develop a creative writing program for Camp Emerson summer campers age 7 – 15.

Camp Emersons first Artist-In-Residence will be Leila Sales, young adult author and editor at Farrar, Straus & Giroux Books for Young Readers.

Camp Emerson campers are known for being prolific readers and writers. There is a library at camp and it is common to see piles of books next to every bed. Camp Emerson is also one of the places where children happily get away from their phones and screens. Our goal with this creative writing program was to give the kids more reasons to stay unplugged well beyond camp.

Leila Sales was sought for this position because of her passion for inspiring young writers and her humorous and genuine writing voice. Drawing on her own summer camp experience, Leila is eager to engage the children and encourage their writing.

Ms Sales will select a book for each age group to read prior to the summer. At Camp Emerson summer camp, the campers will join in a book club and share their thoughts about the story. Boys and girls will also have writing workshops with Ms Sales and have been encouraged to bring their own novels, short stories, poetry and scripts for discussion. Several of the campers are already prolific writers and are eager to get feedback on their work.

At the culmination of the week, the entire summer camp will hold an evening event where the campers can read aloud and share their work. Camp Emerson looks for opportunities for each child’s interest to be showcased. The athletes have their competitive events, the actors, their performance and the science classes launch their rockets. Now the writers can have their well-deserved spotlight too.

Sue Lein, Owner and Camp Emerson Director, believes that the summer camp experience is about building confidence, independence and friendship. Her goal is to help each child launch their future self by supporting their interests and helping their dreams come true. Bringing Leila Sales to Camp Emerson, as our first artist-in-residence will show the children how to take that next step.

Camp Emerson are looking forward to seeing everyone at our 2 week, 4 week and 6 week summer camp sessions.



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