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Tom Sheldon
Posted by Tom Sheldon

Date: Monday, 03 October 2016. -  
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As Camp Emerson turns 50 this coming Summer, we have put together a time-tested bucket list of must do things at Camp. If you even wondered, what activities can I choose, how do I keep the experience fresh year on year, or how can I challenge myself, this list is for you! Featuring some ideas for our 2017 reunion too, what better way to relive the camp experience - tick everything off your bucket list while you visit for our fun packed weekend - Aug 11-13th 2017.

Bucket List:

01.Make a bowl in wheel pottery
02. Go Zip-lining
03. Jump from the top of the iceberg
04. Compete in the Cup of Emerson
05. Try a new activity
06. Master a handspring or new move in Gymnastics
07. Build a successful fire in Wilderness
08. Go Tubing
09. Get up on the Water Skies
10. Get out in the wake in Wakeboarding
11. Go solo sailing at Plunkett - to blueberry island and back.
12. Star in a play
13. Perform in a variety show
14. Be on the winning Color Wars Team
15. Be on the winning Gold Rush Team
16. Hit a home-run in baseball
17. Make a new friend - Submitted by Tom S.
18. Learn how to say basics in a new language
19. Have a camp pen pal
20. Sign my name in the bunk
21. Do 'The Wobble' at Club Emerson
22. Star in a media video
23. Score 3 points in basketball
24. Half court shot in basketball - Submitted by Eugene B.
25. Win a game of knockout
26. Make something tasty in cooking
27. Make a friendship bracelet
28. Go stargazing
29. Hit a bullseye in archery - Submitted by Sean R.
30. Build and launch a rocket
31. Build and launch a CO2 race car
32. Tie-dye a t-shirt (ask parents first).
33. Make a s’more - s'mores for everyone, including allergy friendly!!
34. Be in a Rock Band
35. Hike up to the Appalachian Trail - Submitted by Sue L.
36. Learn to play the guitar - Submitted by Dave W.
37. Take a cool long exposure photo


00. Create a time machine to go back in time 10 years and be a counselor again - Submitted by David Q. If only!  

What's on your list? Did we miss anything? e-mail to add to the list. 



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