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Our Goal – To make summer camp affordable and accessible to all

Sue Lein
Posted by Sue Lein

Date: Monday, 14 March 2016. -  
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My family started Camp Emerson in 1968. We believe in the power of summer camp to foster independence, cultivate friendships, explore the natural world and to be a kid and have fun. It takes a lot to make it work – finding passionate, skilled staff, love and care of the property, endless safety precautions, tons of healthy delicious food, developing partnerships and trust with parents and 24/7 programming to keep the children engaged.

Like many businesses, we've watched the costs rise over recent years putting summer camp out-of-reach for too many families. We know that parents want their kids to have this special summer camp experience but were having difficulty fitting it into their budgets. So this year we made a conscious plan to reverse this trend. We did the unthinkable and lowered our prices!

We cut the cost of our 2 week, 4 week and 6 week summer camp this year, giving parents a saving of up to $1,300 off their fees. In addition to lowering our fees, we made the decision to reduce the bus charge to and from the camp, adding it as a completely free option into the 6-week session and ½ price for our 4-week session.

Our prices are lower but we still offer the same excellent value. With a 1:2 staff to camper ratio , kids are guaranteed to be well cared for and encouraged to design their own daily schedules by picking from over 50 activities ranging from sailing on their own camp lake to creating masterpieces in their creative art studios.

Even our menu is all about personal choice. Camp Emerson is the food allergy specialist and we will speak with you personally about your child's allergies and dietary needs and make an individual dietary plan.

All this personal choice, care and attention to your child's summer camp experience is included within the special discounted price. Camp Emerson is such a great opportunity for parents too – you can work or focus on your own doings; knowing that your child is being cared for and being encouraged to try new things, make new friends and have the summer of their lives! Could they stay home and you save the money? Sure, but they'd be bored, on their screens all day and looking for entertainment from you. There is a cost to that kind of summer. Summer camp gives them everything they want and all that you'd like for them too.

Camp Emerson is also proud to be a diverse community where EVERYONE feels comfortable and welcome. Children from all over the US and the world flock here to be themselves and know they are respected and treated with kindness. Parents have told us that their children are the happiest when they are at Camp Emerson and return with increased self-esteem that helps them be prepared for school and life.

There are only a few spaces left for this summer. We're looking for some great kids to join us for the summer of their lives.

Limited scholarship available. Ask about our discount for Military Families.

Camp Director, Sue Lein 800-782-3395



Emersonians have come from 39 different countries