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Sean returns for 4th year as Wildnerness Director

Date: Thursday, 28 January 2016. -  
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Hi! I'm Sean Rofe, this is my 4th summer at Camp Emerson, and my first year as the Wilderness Director! I’m looking forward to helping to shape a the direction of our programs, giving you more choice and the chance to learn skills at the right level for you, Wilderness 101 to advanced bush craft.

I'm really excited to announce that we are bringing back The Great Survival Challenge; this was a huge hit last year – great for anyone who loves the outdoors, fun team tasks that get you thinking about creative ways to survive in the outdoors. We have choices to get your hands dirty, learn to build fires, shelters, navigate the woods, read a compass, and develop map skills.

There are also some great favorites like Wilderness Games, Archery classes, and camp overnights – everyone gets the option to participate. Roast s’mores or allergy safe alternatives; stay out under the stars in a tent with friends. So much to choose from.

Last year we introduced a huge inter-departmental Pirate battle, a fun accumulation of the work that goes into our classes. This year our Raider Class will learn to make rafts in preparation for this. We want to come up with fun ideas to participate, maybe create a secret stash of water balloons, hidden in our raft construction, we’ll find out.

A little about my experience - I've been doing Archery for 15 years, including target, field, and bow hunting, and have recently started doing aerial. I'm an experienced outdoorsman, with a lot of hiking, bush craft, fishing and hunting knowledge. I’ve also taught Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft in New Zealand and the UK.

I'm from the South Island of New Zealand. At University I studied Biology, Geology, Geography, Ecology and Forestry, I’m looking forward to being able to give back, giving campers the opportunity to explore the outdoors. We’ll see some new faces in our team, with new ideas, experiences and skills. It’s going to be a great Summer.

See you all soon, Sean.



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