Why be a Camp Counselor...

Sue Lein
Posted by Sue Lein

Date: Tuesday, 13 December 2016. -  
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Tis’ the season to be thinking “why should I pursue a camp job over an internship” or "real" work. 

The answer, working at a camp gives you much more than a 9 to 5 could. There are so many YOU’s that contribute to the US.

You develop skills that will not only build your resume but also stand the test of time.

You develop a self-understanding

You enhance personal growth

You master problem-solving skills

You have a positive and significant influence on the lives of others

You expand/develop a network of peer relations

The list goes on!

You have an opportunity to truly inspire the next generation, leading children through the Camp experience sparks passion and intrigue, as a counselor you are in a unique position to make things happen for these kids, you are valued and looked up to, working at Camp Emerson you can truly make a difference.

Where ever you end up in the “real world” the ability to connect with people is paramount –you develop an emotional intelligence and empathy that are next level. You must balance the individual wants and needs of a variety of people, in an effort to form them into a cohesive group. Where else can you work on these skills in such a concentrated, intentional environment?




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