Alex - Age 13

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Alex - Age 13

Alex - Age 13

Hello, my name is Alex. I am 13 years old. I have been at Camp Emerson for 4 years. This is My Camp Story....

Camp Emerson is my home away from home.

I was 9 years old when I left for my first summer at Camp Emerson. I was a little nervous about being away for the first time for 4 weeks. I had no idea about what to expect. Looking back, there was nothing to be nervous about. Everything at camp was awesome: the counselors, the special days, the activities, and the campers. The 4 weeks went by so quickly. And it was filled with tons of special days, trips, evening activities, and best of all color wars. Every year, the theme for color wars is amazing: "Elements" (2010), "Harry Potter" (2011), Monopoly (2012), Circus (2013). The staff and counselors go all out, transforming the dining hall and getting everybody psyched about the competition. That last week of camp is the best. Color Wars, banquet and Club Emerson.... Staying up late, packing up your stuff, and realizing that even though one summer is over, there is another one ahead to look forward to.

One of the best things about Camp Emerson, to me, is that they let campers choose their own activities. Every summer, I get the chance to try new things, like videography or CSI, but I also get to keep doing the things that I have tried before and really like, including CO2 racecars, tennis and Lake Plunkett.

Every summer that I came home, I told my younger sister about how awesome Camp Emerson was, and how she HAS to go there. She finally had her first summer there last year, and she loved it. Now she understands why I talk about camp so much and why I can't wait to go back.

I think about camp constantly during the school year. My cousin started going to her sleepaway camp the year before I started at Emerson. After her first summer, she told me the saying, "WE LIVE 10 FOR 2." She said that it meant that she lives the ten months of school just waiting for the two months of camp to arrive. Now that I have been at Emerson for four summers, I understand the saying and I feel the same way. I sometimes check the "count down until camp" counter on the Camp Emerson website, looking forward until summer starts again. It's great to see in the newsletters which counselors are returning, and all of the new bunks that are being built at camp.

Camp has been one of the best experiences of my life because I learned how to be independent, do lots of new activities, and I have made so many amazing friends. It is great to keep in touch with them during the school year. I am sure I will stay close with my camp friends for a very, very long time.



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