Brenner - Age 8

on Tuesday, 23 June 2015. Posted in Campers

Brenner - Age 8

Brenner - Age 8

Hello, my name is Brenner. I am 8 years old. But I will be 9 years old when I get to Camp Emerson next summer.

I have been at Camp Emerson for 2 years, and next summer will be my 3rd. This is my camp is my favorite place to be in the summer.CO2 cars and archery are my favorite activities to do. Clowning class is also fun. I remember when Dory made us go around in funny costumes!

I am wondering if you have any new activities? Any new campers? I am pumped to see new faces! The OLYMPICS are this year, right? The connected spoons idea was great! See you at camp Sue, Phil and Kevin!

Can't wait to see the new cabins too! See you soon.



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