Dan - Alumni

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Dan - Alumni

Dan - Alumni

Hello, my name is Dan and I am a Camp Emerson alumni. I first went to camp when I was 10 years old but this story begins before I even was a camper at Camp Emerson.

My sister was looking at summer camps around the Massachusetts area. Our final stop was Camp Emerson. I was about 7 or 8 at the time. I didn't
know anything about the camp in the slightest.

On the tour, the camp looked absolutely beautiful. However, it wasn't the sight of the camp that made me fall in love. No, it wasn't the huge soccer field, or beautiful Lake Plunkett. It was a wonderful meatball sub that was given to me from the Dining Hall. This beautiful, simple, and fantastic meatball sandwich made my entire day and while eating it, I knew that I needed to go to Camp Emerson. Two years later, I moved into Bunk 3 as a Mountaineer.

I stayed at Camp Emerson all the way until my Explorer year and then I participated in the first "Leaders" program that the camp offered. I miss Camp Emerson very much. I might even choose to be a counselor one day.

This is my story and it is my favorite one. I still think about that meatball sub some days.




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