Emily - Age 14

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Emily - Age 14

Emily - Age 14

Hi my name is Emily. I am 14 years old. I have been at Camp Emerson for 3 years. This is my camp story...

The summer going into 5th grade I went to a different, all girls, sleep away camp. It was my first time at sleep away camp and I was so excited. I went to visit the camp with my parents and liked it a lot. I went with my best friend Jane. I got there and was put in a bunk with 15 other girls with only 2 counselors! I got very homesick and the camp only let me call my parents once. I was miserable and never wanted to go back.

The next summer I stayed home, very upset about what had happened. The next summer I wanted to try sleep away camp again. My mom found Camp Emerson. When I arrived I felt very welcome. I loved choosing my actives and being with such nice people. The counselors were so much fun to be with. I got to do things that I had never gotten to do in my life. I never felt homesick, there was always someone there by my side.

I was never a person with lots of friends. But after spending 1 day at camp I felt like I had so many people around me to talk and laugh with. The people that I met at Camp Emerson at the funniest, weirdest and best friends that I will ever have. For the next 2 summers I had the best 6 weeks of my life. I spent them with the best people in the world. I got to do and experience so many things that I would never get to do at any other camp.

Camp Emerson is the place that you can be you. I feel so comfortable with myself in camp. I really get to do what I want to do, while doing it surrounded by the people I love. My camp friends are my closest friends and my life has changed because of the summers that I spent at Camp Emerson.

The memories at camp I will carry with me forever. I am so upset not to be going back next summer. I have loved every single second spent at camp. I will never forget how camp taught me how to have the best time in the world.

Thank You Camp Emerson for being the best place on earth that I am happy to call home.



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