Gabi - Age 12

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Gabi - Age 12

Gabi - Age 12

Hello, my name is Gabi. I am twelve years old. I have been at Camp Emerson for four years. This is my Camp Story.....

My first year at camp was 2009. My counselors were Jackson and Johnny. The people I remember most were Andy, Dylan, and Sonny. I think they are what made me stay at camp.

The bond that I made with them was unbreakable. I had many similar years and Andy, Dylan, Sonny, and I were in the same bunk for three years. Sonny ended up going for four weeks last year but Dylan and Andy stayed with me making it a four year streak.

Last year I met Sean and Rio who I am looking forward to being with next year. I am also looking forward to receiving my five year jacket. At camp I have enjoyed all the activities I have tried and am looking forward to new ones next year.



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