Ginger - Age 13

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Ginger - Age 13

Ginger - Age 13

Hi, I'm Ginger, I’m 13 years old. I have been going to camp for 3 years, this is my camp story.

My favorite place at camp is the swing set. After I get a phone call, which is usually right after dinner, or during dinner so by the time I'm done dinner has been let out, I go and sit on the swings, 3rd from the left, 2nd from the right. I just sit there pushing my feet back and forth on the ground. I'm not really swinging, I'm swaying. The swing is warm from the sun. And I just sit there listening to the boys play soccer over on boys side, I listen to the chatter of the girls hidden by a blanket of trees on girl side, listen to the birds chirping, to the trees brushing back and forth in the wind. I watch the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen set fire to the sky. I can only stay there for a few minutes so no one really notices I'm gone.

It’s nice to spend that time alone. It’s just the camp and I, my home away from home. I sit there, thinking away solving any problems I might have, savoring the few moments I have to myself to be calm. At some point sadly I have to get up and leave the most glorious swing set in the world, in the mean time leaving my favorite place in the whole world behind. Then I go back to bunk and forget all about the momentary sadness I felt when I left the swing set because now, back in bunk I'm with my family.



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