Jasper - Age 14

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Jasper - Age 14

Jasper - Age 14

Hello my name is Jasper. I am 14 years old. I have been Camp Emerson for 5 years. This is my camp story…

My first year at Camp Emerson I was on the baseball team, and one day we went to a baseball tournament at Camp Grey-lock. Camp Grey-lock is an all sports camp and we were also competing with other sports camps. Us, being Camp Emerson, aren’t exactly a sports camp, but we try our best.

When we arrived at camp Grey-lock it was very intimidating, there was about a dozen other camps that specialized in sports. Our first game was against camp Grey-lock, and we all new how good of a team they had because we hadn’t beaten them in over 20 years. We had two very big players on our team named Steven and Dan and they were probably the best two players at the tournament. It was a very close game we won and we all felt on top of the world when we did but we knew it wasn’t over yet.

After we beat Grey-lock it started to rain. It rained for a good hour and we were stuck inside of a dark sports center for the entire time with a couple other camps. As time passed some of the camps decided to leave, but because we are Emerson, we stayed until they let us play again. Because we were one of the only teams left we made it to the finals without even playing another game. Then the worst thing that could have happened, happened Camp Grey-lock decided to not let our two best players (Steven and Dan) play because they were, “too good.” So we had to play the game without them and we lost but it was a very exiting experience. It felt so good to bring a trophy back to camp, even if it was second place. We all felt proud of our camp and ourselves.

Being at Camp Emerson has been the best 5 years of my life and whenever I get the chance to come back I will be there.



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