Jocelyn - Age 11

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Jocelyn - Age 11

Jocelyn - Age 11

My name is Jocelyn. I am 11 years old.

My favorite part of camp Emerson is how everyone is so nice to you, and they have a lot of fun activities like field trips and they make going away from your home fun! I met two really good friends over my two years at camp Emerson.

Camp Emerson is a great experience for a child. Everyone is nice and the counselors will make you feel happy there. My favorite activity's there are arts ‘n crafts, (Sewing, Jewelry) and sports (Swimming Tennis, Softball). The food there is fantastic and the kids there are lots of fun to be around! Over the past two years I have been in the Azaleas and the Belmonts. The field trips I have been on are a movie, bowling, and ice cream.

The photos are so much fun to look at after camp ends. Visiting day is fun too! The sprit week was fun! We had stuff like pj's parties and breakfast in bed! We had lots of doughnuts. But Sue was the nicest person there! She was nice, sweet, and loads of fun to be around!

I cannot wait to go back next year for more fun at Emerson!



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