Skylar - Age 14

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Skylar - Age 14

Skylar - Age 14

Hello my name is Skylar. I am 14 years old. I have been at Camp Emerson for 4 years. This is my camp story.

When I first went to camp, I was kind of a shy kid, didn't like public speaking or being in front of a crowd. That year I stayed in the background, but decided to join the all camp play. I was going into sixth grade, and because of how much fun acting in 'Shrek' had been, I joined my middle school's production of 'A Christmas Carol', and after switching to a private school, played as the White Rabbit in 'Alice and Wonderland'. My second year of camp the four week play was ‘Wicked’ which was my very favorite musical, so of course I joined, and even though I didn't get a lead, it was very fun.

I tried Rock Band that year, and loved it almost as much as theater! Ever since then, I've done Rock Band at least once, most of the time accompanied by one of my best camp friends, Sarah.

Because of having that opportunity at Camp Emerson to step out of my comfort zone I've tried out for solos in my schools' chorus, sung in talent shows, and been told multiple times that I've stolen the show in theatre performances.

Now in high school, I'm coming to my last year at camp, and I will be forever grateful for the experiences that I've been able to have, and my hope of one day acting for a living.



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