Visiting Your Child

Visiting Your Child

We know you will miss your children when they are at camp. Of course, they will miss you too. It’s a hard thing not to see and talk with them ever day like you do the rest of the year. We understand.

For our 2-week families we recommend that you allow your children to have a fully independent experience at camp. You are welcome to drop your children off at the start of your session, see the bunk, camp and meet the counselors if you wish. At the end of the 2 weeks, you can also pick them up and see camp for a short visit too. In between, let us work our magic! You’ll speak with your children on the phone once during the session too. Now, if you really, really want a short visit, you can. See the steps below.

For our 4-week and 6-week families whether to visit or not, is up to you. For 2018, there will not be one set visiting day. You will have the flexibility to choose your own visiting day. We know that families are so busy, working and traveling and have children in other programs. Come see your children for a short hug and lunch. It’s a win-win!

Here’s how it will work…

1. Parents can visit their camper(s) once during their stay.

2. You can pick the date you want to visit except for:

a. Not the first 5 days of their session

b. Not on transition days - July 7 or July 21

c. Not on trip days – July 3 or July 31

d. Open dates for visiting are subject to change. We will confirm when you sign up. Sign ups will be open in May.

3. This will be an off campus visiting only. We are recommending that parents arrive 12-2:30 on the day they pick – this way their children will only miss one activity, be out for lunch and rest hour and back for the afternoon. If it’s important to stay together longer, you can extend your visiting time. All campers MUST be on campus by 5:30pm for dinner, no exceptions.

4. Parents will sign up ahead of time. The sign-up procedure will be opened in May and we’ll send an email.

5. On your day, you’ll meet your child at the Main House (our office), sign your child out and then back in.

6. NO FOOD should come back with your child from the visit. As you know, we have children with life threatening allergies and do not allow any outside food into camp.




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