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Family Camp Schedule

Fun is our focus as we combine our traditional camp activities with special activities the whole family will love on vacation.

Family camp is a great way to give younger children a taste of what camplife could be for them in the future. It is also a great alternative family vacation for your summer holidays.

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• Archery
• Basketball
• Canoeing
• Dance
• Fishing
• Hiking
• Jewelry
• Kayaking
• Rocketry
• Sailing
• Swimming
• Tennis
• Tubing
• Waterskiing
• Wheel Pottery
• Yoga
• Zipline

Evening Activities

• Campfires with s’mores and music (of course!)
• Monte Carlo Night
• Scavenger Hunt

We’re aiming for a lot of family time but also some separate just kids and adult alone time too. The days are yours to design – hop from one activity to another or sit by the pool with a book. All equipment and instruction is included.

You can expect a wide variety of healthy and less healthy food options. Our meals are delicious, fresh, whole foods prepared by our on-site professional chefs. We cater to all special dietary needs and aim to please.

Clean wooden cabins with electricity and screened windows. Some cabins  have their own private, modern bathroom. Cabins without bathrooms share a new modern, heated showerhouse. Bring your own bedding.



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