With all of our athletics programs, campers receive individualized instruction, practice and play. There are opportunities for intercamp games too.

Camp Emerson prides itself on maintaining outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork ahead of a “Killer Mentality.” (Campers who are not interested in sports are not forced to play them.)

At Camp Emerson we have 2 beautiful fields groomed with clay base paths. Campers receive individual and team instruction in hitting, defense, pitching, catching and situational aspects of the game. You’ll also use the pitching machine for batting practice. And yes, we post the box scores all summer so you can keep track of YOUR favorite MLB team while you’re at camp. Bring your mitt. We have plenty of bats and equipment.

The 2 outdoor courts with lights are always in use at Camp Emerson. The coaches will teach you the basics or help you improve your ball handling, dribbling, rebounding, passing, shooting and defense. Participate in 3-on-3 tournaments, games as well as tournaments against other camps.


Fitness combines aerobics, general conditioning, body weight training, running, walking and more. Each camper is encouraged to work at their own pace. Come with your goals and we’ll help set a program just for you.

Flag Football
Want to be a Wide Receiver catching the Hail Mary pass or be the Quarterback throwing a spiral? More interested in Defense? Let's see those big interceptions! Flag football is safe, fun and fast paced.

Welcome to our huge Gymnastics Center at Camp Emerson! We have uneven bars, balance beams, flooring and an Air Trak. The Air Trak is perfect for all levels to practice jumps, handsprings, somersaults and other gymnastic moves. You do not need a leotard. A bathing suit or shorts/shirt is fine. Our skilled team of coaches teach beginners to advanced gymnasts – boys and girls. Gymnasts from Olympic level 1 to 8 have trained here. Our gymnastics instructors are “unparalleled.”

Work on the fundamentals including attack, defense, goal tending and ball handling. Our international coaches are quite skilled and eager to pass on their love of “football”. There's lots of time for game play too. If you’re on a team at home, you will go home a much improved player! Come for weeks 5 & 6 and participate in the All-Camp Cup of Emerson – a camper and counselor event and a highlight of the summer.

4 hard and 2 clay courts and no waiting to play. Campers receive top notch personalized instruction at all levels. We guarantee lots of play time. There are tennis ladders and intercamp tournaments too. Best to bring your own racket (although we do have some you can use).

Practice setting, digging, spiking, jump serving, blocking and dunking while playing this popular Emerson sport. There are always pickup games where all are welcome.

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Beautiful wooded acres