Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Everyone shines at Camp Emerson! From learning a musical instrument to performing in a show!

The Theater Staff are ready to give you one-on-one coaching, and prepare you to be a star! For those looking to improve their acting, this is a great class to take. You will focus on scene work, voice & diction and the basics of working on stage. If you have a favorite monologue, bring it and we’ll perfect it.

Backstage Pass
Calling all techies who want to run the lights and sound for the theater as well as builders and painters who can help create the sets. This is a hands-on class where you will work side-by-side with the theater staff to get the show up. Come check it out.

The dance instructor is bringing some great music and you should bring some too. You’ll combine the best of jazz, funk and hip-hop to prepare performance routines for camp talent shows and your own classes. Learn body isolations to build coordination and rhythm. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, you’ll get plenty of new moves.

Always wanted to learn to play the drums? Here’s your chance. Already play? You’ll improve your technique this summer at camp. We teach beginners to advanced players in our Rock Band Garage.

Are you the next Eric Clapton or Eddie Van Halen? We’ll teach you electric or acoustic guitar. Bring your own instrument and amp or use the great equipment we have. All levels of players are welcome in this rocking activity.

Improv is acting spontaneously without a script. While it is often funny, it can also be serious. Learn how to build exciting stories, create fascinating characters, and present them in creative ways. This class is all about jumping in, playing games, having fun, working together and finding your voice.

Rock Band
Have you always dreamed of being in a rock band? Well, here’s your chance. If you already have experience playing, then grab some friends and make your own band. On the first day of camp we’ll meet with everyone interested in being in a band and will help put you together. By the way, all instruments are welcome to be in the bands (woodwind, brass, strings, etc.) as well as vocalists. Bring your guitars and amps. We have acoustic and electric guitars for beginners to learn on.

Bring the music you’ve written and we’ll help you work out the finishing touches. In Rock Band, campers have written their own music and performed it at camp. Sound exciting?

Our theater puts on several productions each summer. Everyone who wants to be in a production is automatically in. NO CUTS! As you sign up, you will just do a quick audition to find out what part you will have. These are full productions with lights, music, costumes, sets, and props. The entire summer camp comes to see every show. Many of our campers are very serious about the theater. In the past, camp experiences have led kids to become more confident performers in their school and town productions.

Check out our videos to see last year’s performances here

Here are some pictures from our Performing Arts Department

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