Swimming & Water Sports

Swimming & Water Sports

Swimming & Watersports

If you like to be wet, then Camp Emerson has a lot to offer. Our very warm, heated pool and 2 lakes are busy all day and night during summer camp.

This is the place to try new things – like waterskiing – or feel the thrill of riding into the lake on our zipline.

Waterskiing, Tubing, Kneeboarding & Wakeboarding
Waterskiing is an activity that most everyone wants to try at camp. With our 2 state-of-the-art, Malibu skiboats, we can get everyone on the lake for many spins. Personal instruction at your comfort level starts on the dock. Campers learn on both the tow rope and the fixed boom to build confidence. More experienced waterskiers can try the kneeboard, wakeboard, slalom skiing or barefoot. Interested in inflatables? We have those too. This is what camp is all about!

Pool Activities
The pool is paradise at camp – stay cool and have fun with your friends. Pool parties under the lights are an evening favorite. We have several different activities going on at our heated pool. You can pick from:

Competitive Swimming - already a competitive swimmer? We'll help you improve. Want to give it a try? We'll teach you to fly across the pool.

Junior Lifeguarding - If you're a passionate watersports person above the age of 11, we'd love to teach you how to keep people safe in the water. This will build your skills to a future lifeguard position.

Swim Instruction - is not required unless you are a beginner or advanced beginner swimmer or your parents want you to take swim lessons. Otherwise, swim instruction is a choice like everything else. We teach a full American Red Cross Aquatics Program.

Water Sports & Water Fitness - water basketball, water polo, water aerobics, water zumba and more to keep you moving in the pool.

Free Swim - Of course! Pool toys? YES! That's what summer is all about.

Lake Emerson Activities
Extreme Lake - aka the Iceberg & Zip Line. Take advantage of everything Lake Emerson has to offer. There's the non-stop entertainment of Water Gladiators and Lake challenges. It doesn’t get more exciting than this, trust us!

Canoeing, Kayaking & Paddleboarding
On Lake Emerson, next to the pool, we do canoeing, kayaking & paddleboarding. Enjoy the pleasure of flat water paddling under your own power on our beautiful private lake. Learn about safety, various strokes and proper paddling technique.

We have 2 person, single sail Sunfish. Instruction starts on land where you learn about the boat, wind, and nautical safety. The instructors will go with you on the lake until you’re ready to go on your own. A VERY popular sport and a great confidence builder.

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