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Welcome Back

Welcome Back!

You’re back! Hooray!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about next summer at Camp Emerson. Keep checking the countdown and this summer will be here before you know it. We can’t wait to see you!

Each summer is special and uniquenew activities, new special events, new friends!

But coming back to Camp Emerson is about coming home. We are all family here and our family is built on kindness, respect for each individual, sharing the fun we have together and friendships and memories that last a lifetime. How lucky are we?!

What do you want this summer to be?

Are you thinking about trying a new activity? Camp to me is about building on what you know and love and exploring new things. Camp is the best place to do this? Of course, you’re never stuck if you don’t like it. Give it a shot, you might surprise yourself.

Do you have a dream for the summer?

I’m all about making dreams come true. Send me an email or call with questions or ideas. I miss everyone during the year and love to hear from you.

Stay in touch with Camp!

Here are things you can do to keep Camp Emerson with you during the year, stay on top of all the news and get you ready for next summer:


We are counting the days until camp and hope you are too!