Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We want to know every child and family to be able to do our best work for you. Then we take the details you share and carefully tend to each one. Our hands-on approach makes all the difference in everything from our staff supervision to our support for food allergies.

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There are many summer camps with great facilities and lots of activities. What makes the difference at Camp Emerson is our superior staff, our philosophy of respecting the child and the way we see that each child is cared for as an individual.

The program at Camp Emerson is based on choice. It’s designed to bring out each campers’ talents and to challenge them to try new things. We don’t believe in forcing children to do things. However, we know that a counselor or friend can open the door to a new experience. Choice also needs structure and guidance. We work with you and your child to design a great schedule and oversee it every day to further shape the summer camp experience.

At Camp Emerson, we are extremely selective in the counselors we choose. We train them, set high expectations and give them the tools to do their jobs in the best possible way. But we don’t stop there….the Directors and Administrators are out on campus all day long interacting with the campers and counselors facilitating interactions and coaching the staff. We know what’s going on with all of the children each and every day.IMG 0025

And while the activities and instruction are top-notch, it is the personal relationships that keep our campers and staff returning year after year, summer after summer. To find a place where you can be yourself, safe to go outside your comfort zone and be cheered for your unique gifts – that is to have found Camp Emerson!


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