Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

At Camp Emerson we present you with innovative new ideas and mediums to explore at our massively creative Art Center.

These classes are sure to inspire you and get your own imagination going. Girls and Boys make some amazing things here. Each summer we introduce new art activities to keep it fresh. We look forward to seeing you in the Art Center this summer.

Cartooning, Drawing & Painting
Whether you are into anime, are working on a graphic novel or just love to draw your own characters, this class will provide you with the tools to perfect your skills. We also draw and paint in a variety of different mediums. Pick your subject and create. Bring your sketch book to share your ideas and build on your own work!

Fashion Design
Wouldn’t you love to create your own wearable art, clothing, accessories and bedding? Learn to work with patterns and use a sewing machine. Fashion bags, shirts, and hair accessories were some of the favorite projects last summer.

You’ll design jewelry in various mediums. We go well beyond the beads and hemp with metal fabrication, wire-craft, femo, junk and other jewelry making techniques. The instructor has some surprises dreamed up for this summer but you’ll have to wait for the first day to see her samples.

Junk Art
Artists are famous for using whatever is available to create art. What would you do with old appliances, typewriters, found objects, cardboard and glue? A giant sculpture? A unique photo frame? A mural? Bring your imagination.

Mixed Media
Smores, sundaes, and the famous Camp Emerson water carnival- what do all of these have in common? They're a mixture of great things! So why should your art be any different? Create without boundaries and bring something unexpected back to the bunk!

Different from fashion design class, here you’ll also use fabric, thread, paint and more to create clothing, wall hangings and characters. Learn silk screening, dry and wet felting, stenciling and design a one-of-a-kind t-shirt to express yourself.

Write, shoot and edit your own digital films. You’ll handle all of the equipment yourself after a bit of instruction. Other advanced techniques are utilized for editing. This is a professional operation taught by instructors working in the industry. All Camp Emerson videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel to share with the world.

Wheel Pottery & Sculpture
With 8 electric wheels, 2 kilns and 3 expert instructors, you’ll be spinning clay pots in no time! There’s also hand building and sculpting. You’ll learn to glaze and fire your projects in time to bring them home. Endless fun in this very popular summer camp program.

Here are some pictures from our Visual Arts Department

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