About Us

About Us

Camp Emerson is a sleepaway camp nestled against the Appalachian Trail in the heart of the Berkshires. Since 1968 we have been providing incredible summer experiences for youth from around the world. We offer two-week sessions for kids ages 7-15 and a Family Camp. Our diverse programming consists of 50 activities grouped into six departments - Athletics, Performing Arts, Step Beyond (Science/Rock Band), Studio Arts, Watersports, and Wilderness. 

Camp is a magical place where kids thrive. It’s a place where kids feel safe and accepted. Where kids make deep and meaningful friendships. Where kids can be silly, creative, and joyful. Where kids know they will be supported when hard feelings arise. It’s a place where kids laugh until their sides hurt…and then they laugh some more. As campers get older we offer them opportunities to step into leadership positions, be role models, and give back to their community. Over time kids begin to see the impact they make by taking responsibility. Camp is a place where kids can ask big and important questions. It is a place where kids care about their community, and their community cares about them. This caring community helps kids develop confidence, self assurance, and resilience, and it’s the reason they return to camp summer after summer.

We’re excited for you to explore our website and learn more about our camp. Please reach out to our team with your questions, curiosities, or to share your excitement. We value getting to know prospective families and maintaining close relationships with our camp community. We look forward to hearing from you, and most of all, spending time with you at camp this upcoming summer.

With gratitude,

Zachary Friedman

Camp Director


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Number of peanuts and treenuts allowed at camp = 0!