First Time Campers

First Time Campers

You’re thinking about moving up to overnight summer camp. The activities sound awesome but you’re a little nervous about missing your parents and how it’s all going to work being on your own.

Camp Emerson understands just how you feel. At Camp Emerson we’ve helped 1000’s of kids feel safe and comfortable so they can do everything they dreamed of doing at sleepaway camp. We will be there for you too!

As a 1st Timer at our summer camp we will help you BEFORE and DURING camp…

• Getting to know you

• Getting ready – tips and info

• Keeping an eye on you and always being there when you need us

Here are more information about what to expect from Camp Emerson. 

  • Talk to Us

    One of the best ways to make you more comfortable with overnight camp is to talk to us. The Camp Director talks to families every day on the phone, skype and in person. They will tell you all about Camp Emerson. Prepare a list of questions if you want. They will explain what your day will be like, how you design your schedule and talk about any concerns you have.

    Visit Camp

    There are many ways to “visit” Camp Emerson so you can picture yourself here before it even starts.

    • We give tours all summer long and in May & June for first time campers
    • Take a look at our Videos, Photos and Camper Stories
    • Talk to some campers your age who have been to Camp Emerson. They are happy to share their stories and make you feel welcome.
    Getting To Know You

    We want to learn all about you! Tell us your favorite activities, what you like to eat, how you sleep, about your friends - everything. We will ask your parents to help us too. We want you to trust us and share what we need to know about you. This is how we can do our best job picking your bunkmates and setting you up for tons of fun.

    Getting Ready

    We make getting ready for camp easy. You’ll get details on: how you pick activities, preparing to say good-bye the first day, what to buy for camp, dealing with homesickness, how mail & phone calls work and lots more. You can ask us questions any time by email or phone.

    Making Friends Before You Get To Camp

    One of the best ways to feel comfortable about summer camp is to meet someone in your group before you start. We’ll connect you with campers who’ve been to Camp Emerson before. They know the in’s and out’s and, once you talk, you will too. You might also like to meet another new camper and know “I’m not the only one”. We are great at matching kids and you’ll feel like you have friends before the summer starts.

    By the time the 1st day of summer camp rolls around, we know you’ll feel ready (still a little nervous – that’s normal) because you’re prepared and you feel like you know us already.

  • Phone Calls, Email and Mail
    • At camp, your parents will call you during the second week you are at camp. If you are staying for 4 or 6 weeks, you'll get a call each week starting with the second week. You’ll get the schedule before camp so you’ll know when they will be calling.
    • Your parents, family and friends can send you e-mails and letters throughout the summer too. You won’t have access to email but most campers write a lot of letters. And the more letters you write, the more you get. Staying connected is very important so write often.
    Parent Visiting Days
    • If you are staying for 4 or 6 weeks, your parents can visit and take you out of camp for the afternoon on one of transition days between sessions. Or you can go on a trip for the day. The choice is yours.
    Web Photos and Parent Calls

    We also stay in contact with your parents during the summer.

    • Every day there are 100’s of web photos so your parents can see the fun you’re having
    • Your parents can call the Directors at any time and touch base with us too. Think of your camp director as your direct connection to your family.
    Keeping An Eye On You

    Our staff is simply the best. They are kind, fun people, talented teachers and 100% dedicated to YOU. Did you know we have 100 staff members for 220 campers – that’s a lot of adults all focused on making you happy.

  • You can talk to us about anything – just like you would your parents. Dropped your toothbrush? We will get you a new one. Hungry? Let’s get you something to eat. Want to stay up until midnight and eat candy? Sorry… we do have some rules.

    The Directors at Camp Emerson are known for fixing problems. We are around all the time. You are not bothering us if you want to talk or need a hug. This is an important part of our job.

    We would love to tell you more about Camp Emerson. Sounds good? Just ask your parents to contact us so we can get to know you and set you up for an Extraordinary Summer!

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