I'm Allergic to Peanuts!

Camp Emerson is completely PEANUT. TREENUT, SHELLFISH & SESAME FREE.

We have campers with all of the top 9 allergies and more.

  • Celiac campers have thrived here. Gluten free foods are always available.
  • Food Allergy Kitchen area with separate equipment.
  • Professional chefs trained in cross-contamination.
  • Vegetarians and Vegans will also feel satisfied with the options available.
  • We have a team of Registered Dietitians on staff to prepare each child's menu.


At Camp Emerson, the answer is YES. We are the “The Food Allergy Specialist” and are leading the way in setting standards in the camp industry.

Here are some of the steps we take to prepare for a successful camp experience:

with us

First, you’ll have a conversation with Camp Emerson’s Camp Director, to discuss your child's food allergies or Celiac Disease, food likes and dislikes, personality, and interests. They will tell you all about our protocols, staff and experience.


Your partnership is integral to preparing for camp. You'll provide us with medical records, history, and your Food Allergy Action Plan. We want you to teach us about your child.


Pre-planning is the key to our success. We will send you the menu along with alternatives. Our Registered Dietitians will contact you prior to camp to finalize your child’s specific menu and agree on the products that will be served.


Our Doctor and Nurse Practitioners will review your medical information and, as needed, contact you regarding medication and to review your Food Allergy Action Plan.


We invite each family to visit camp, see the Kitchen, Dining Hall, and meet all the key staff prior to the start of camp. This really helps to build everyone's confidence prior to the summer.


Campers have access to the Kitchen, Dietitians and Chefs at any time. We want them to practice advocating for themselves by checking labels and asking questions. Part of what happens here is preparing them for their future independence.


Your child's cabin counselors will be briefed on his/her food allergies and action plan. They go through extensive training and many of the staff have food allergies/Celiac Disease too.


100% of Camp Emerson staff are trained to administer epinephrine. There is epinephrine stationed all around camp.

Food Allergy

Your child’s meals are prepared by expertly trained staff. They take pride in their attention to detail and the vigilance you’d expect in handling food allergies and Celiac Disease.

Access to
Camp Staff

We will always contact you if we have a question. You will find us accessible before and during camp. The Dietitians and Food Allergy Cook will be seeing your child daily to build their trust and answer their questions.

No Outside

There are no outside packages and food is not allowed in the cabins. We check every food, art and cleaning product for allergens.

Safe &

Everyone eats safely and deliciously and can focus on having fun at camp!

If you have any questions at all we will be happy to talk to you. We aim to help children with all special food needs enjoy a safe and rewarding camp experience.’

“The entire staff at Camp Emerson took great care to learn about our daughter’s dietary requirements, specifically for Celiac Disease. From the first call to learn more about the program, and every one of the 4 summers that followed, I knew Eleanor's Gluten exposure was very carefully and safely managed. They were able not only provide great gluten free options, but also provide the contamination free space for food preparation that we needed. I trust Camp Emerson and commend their attention to detail and creating a safe environment for kids with specific dietary needs.”

Katie, Mother of Eleanor
Camper with Celiac Disease

“Our son Alex has Celiac Disease. He started at Camp Emerson 3 summers ago and has loved it! The Emerson staff did a great job of easing our concerns about food and spent a lot of time explaining their protocols and giving individual attention to Alex’s preferences and dietary restrictions. Alex Loves the food at camp and is always impressed how they double check every meal before he receives it. He even loves taking the cooking class which was adapted to fit his diet.”

Bree and Andy
Parents of Alex, Camper with Celiac Disease

"The food was fantastic. I didn't have to worry about all the food and just got to have fun with friends. No worries about anything. It's as easy as gluten free pie!"

Camper with Celiac Disease

“Being able to spend time at my favorite place without having to stress or worry about my food situation makes me want to go back year after year. The reassurance of having a dedicated area that will cater to all my allergies and keep me safe all throughout camp makes the expe rience 100 times better. As a kid with food allergy, I can feel unalike other kids, but not at Camp Emerson. Along with the amazing memories and experiences created, I feel like a regular kid with no worries about my allergies.”

Camper with allergies to milk, treenuts and Celiac Disease

“When I first arrived at Camp Emerson, I was not sure if I would find the right stuff for my allergies. What I found out is that it is literally one of the best places I’ve found that can support my allergies. They have the nicest cooks who I would even say through my years have become like aunts and uncles to me! They always know what I like and are very fun to talk to!”

Camper with allergies to Dairy and Wheat

"Camp Emerson should be considered the gold standard for camps accommodating allergic campers."

Kyle Dine
Food Allergy Educator and Advocate
Visit Kyle's Website

"Your staff took the time to answer all our questions. I had total confidence that everything would work for Rachel the way I had hoped."

Mother of Rachel, who has a severe peanut allergy
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Camp Allergy Testimonial Photo
Camp Allergy Testimonial Photo
Camp Allergy Testimonial Photo
Camp Allergy Testimonial Photo
Camp Allergy Testimonial Photo
Camp Allergy Testimonial Photo

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