First Time Parents

First Time Parents

Camp Emerson is known for being very nurturing and having close relationships with parents and campers.

At Camp Emerson we understand the trust you place in us when you send your child to our summer camp. Especially the first year, the idea of sending your child to an overnight camp can raise concerns. Who is in charge? Will they tell me what’s going on? What if my child is upset? Will the counselors really pay attention? Who’s there to take care of health issues? We understand how you feel. Here are some of the ways we work hard to make you feel confident with your decision to share your child with us.

Getting to Know You Prior to Camp

"When we first connect, I want to hear all about your child and what you're looking for this summer. I know you have lots of questions, especially if this is your first overnight camp. Ask away! And I'll tell you how the program works, what your child can expect and how you'll be part of the camp experience. The more I know about your child, the better I can match him/her with bunkmates and counselors. We can do this via email, phone, skype or in person; whatever works best. I couldn’t imagine picking a summer camp from just a brochure or website. It’s so important to talk. I want you to know who I am and who you are trusting your child to. Equally important is for me to get to know all of you and what you hope to get out of the summer camp experience”. – Sue

In the lead up to camp, we will ask you about your child’s sleeping habits, eating habits, personality, friendships and other information important for us to know. These traits give us an in depth understanding your child’s individual needs. It is our personal attention to these details that makes the difference. Sue’s available to discuss anything at length to help ensure a successful summer for your child AND your peace of mind.

Don't just take our word for it, head over and read testimonials from parents and campers here.

Keeping in Touch during Camp
We feel that your access to the Camp Director is critical. This is the cornerstone of our parent communication. Call us any time day/night. Like-wise, we will call you if you need to know something about your child. That’s the way we’d want it ourselves. We also have many skilled administrators to specifically answer parent questions.

  • Telephone Policy – We set up a phone call for you and your child during the 2nd week of each 2-week session. You’ll receive the schedule in May.
  • Daily Web Photos – Every day 100’s of photos are posted on the website for you to share in all the fun we are having at camp.

Questions? Call Sue at 800-782-3395 or email

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