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Our parents and campers say it best. We’re always happy to give you references.

Here are some lovely things some of our parents and campers have told us recently;

For the past six summers, the girls have come home taller, tanner, stronger, and with more skills, friendships, and wonderful memories. Through your gentle guidance and love, they have gone from scared little girls that first year to the delightful, confident young ladies they are today. (Kinnehurah.) We thank you for making this happen. With deepest gratitude, admiration, and love.

Carol - A Parent

When the name Camp Emerson is brought up it makes me do two things. One makes me feel so amazing inside because it is the best camp in the world. The second thing I do is I think about how it is not just a summer camp but how it is a life changing experience. The way that the Directors and the counselors help to make it your best summer is just amazing. My favorite thing about camp is how every single person in the camp cares about each other. Because of you I have found the most amazing place in the world and I have found the best friends in the world so thank you so much. Camp Emerson is a place for kids to come and grow up the right way. The way where they can be whatever they want to be.

Dan - A Camper. Find out more about his personal camp story here

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Our Parents Say:

Our Parents Say:

Your camp was everything that the brochure, web site, and video promised.


All three of our children have attended - and loved - Camp Emerson and have remained at the camp until they aged out. My three children are incredibly different in personality and interests and it always amazes me that three such different children all love the same camp. It is a direct reflection of how the camp is run. The directors are on top of everything and personally ensure all the kids feel loved, well cared for, and appreciated. The counselors are top notch, too. Emerson has been a gift for all three of our children and we feel so lucky to have found it.

Laura and Doug

I am writing to thank you for giving Adam a wonderful first overnight camp experience. He is already planning his return next year!


I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for creating such a wonderful place as Camp Emerson. My daughter, Emily, has had the most wonderful camp experience. This was her first time away from home and you made her feel completely comfortable. She has thrived in the atmosphere you’ve created. She has loved every minute of camp and it is wonderful to hear her go on and on about all the things she is doing. Her letters home have been a joy.


Alex has been home for 5 days now and I felt it necessary to tell you how thrilled we are. He returned to us healthy, happy, self-confident, optimistic, polite and sensitive. We could not have asked for more. His experience at camp was positive in every way. And he said that he can’t wait to go back next year. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


The Campers Want You To Know:

The Campers Want You To Know:

Before I started my first year of camp, I was very nervous but when I went I met lots of new really cool friends that I love.


Not a day goes by where I don't revisit the magical place of Camp Emerson in my mind. You and your family have created a place where children feel completely safe to be themselves, shine as an individual and grow as person. It is truly incredible. Over the past 5 years you have done so much for me and I will be eternally thankful.


Emerson is my home away from home, the place where I feel happier than I can describe. I am so grateful for the time, energy and love you put into every last detail and person here. Much love,


Camp Emerson means a lot to me. It feels like home to me. The counselors feel like your parents and the campers feel like your brothers or sisters. If you get sad, a lot of people comfort you. I like how you can choose your activities.


Camp Emerson has introduced me to new friends. It's made me better at tennis. But any camp can do that. Camp Emerson is unique because it changes who you become. The people around you, the campers and the counselors teach you so much. They become your best friends and teach you what a real friend is.




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