why sending your kid to summer camp is good for parents

Date: Thursday, 04 May 2017. -  
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Sending your kids to overnight summer camp is a great idea. For many reasons, but most articles focus on why it is great for your kids, but it is also a great thing for parents too! Read on….

1. To allow you to work
In an ideal world, parents wouldn’t have to work over the summer break. We would all be free to fill our children’s days with fun and adventures. But the practicalities of modern life are that many parents have to work and not all have the back up of extended family for childcare support. Summer camp is an ideal way to provide a fun and stimulating environment for your children, where you can be reassured that they are well cared for, well fed and experiencing the fun of making friends, trying new activities and enjoying the great outdoors. A great camp experience leaves lasting effects beyong the summer and gives kids great memories as well as skills for life. You can work, guilt free, knowing that your kids are learning and growing as well as having fun!

All three of our children have attended - and loved - Camp Emerson and have remained at the camp until they aged out. My three children are incredibly different in personality and interests and it always amazes me that three such different children all love the same camp. It is a direct reflection of how the camp is run. The directors are on top of everything and personally ensure all the kids feel loved, well cared for, and appreciated. The counselors are top notch, too. Emerson has been a gift for all three of our children and we feel so lucky to have found it.
Laura and Doug

2. To share the camp experience
Many parents talk about wanting their children to have the experience of summer camp like they did. Camp has a lasting effect and perhaps you’ve stayed in touch with friends and shared camp memories with your kids. Camp is different, but sending your kid to summer camp is a baton you can pass on to the next generation. You can compare experiences, what living in the bunk was like, trips you took, what you learned and what you loved about your camp life. At Camp Emerson, we call it giving the gift of camp!

You can even experience camp as a family. We offer a family summer camp experience which allows everyone to immerse themselves in the camp experiene, whether you are looking for an alternative family holiday, or want to introduce your child to camp within the family unit.

You can find out more here: https://www.campemerson.com/home-family-camp

3. To help you to give them a stimulating summer
Summer break is long! Even the most creative parents could be forgiven for running out of ideas and steam. Whether you work full time or not, keeping up with kids can be exhausting an it is tempting to let them entertain themselves with TV, video games and cell phones. It is good for them to get some down-time out of the educational environment and rest from deadlines and pressure of academic learning, but this is also a great opportunity for them to be exploring other interests, and spending social time with peers and the outdoors. There are over 100 staff at Camp Emerson, which helps us keep up with all of our active campers. Our summer is focussed on making sure that all of the children get the most from their time with us and fill their days with activities in a supportive and fun environment.

Our staff is the secret to our success. Each summer we carefully assemble professionals ranging from young adult instructors, to registered dietitians, nurse practitioners and education administrators. We invest heavily in training and empower them to impact the children in their own positive way. Together we build a community that is respective, inclusive, engaging and nurturing. The campers become very attached to the counselors and grow through their engagement.
Sue Lein, Camp Director

4. To help you adjust to them not being around

Summer camp is a great way for children to get used to staying away from home….but what about the parents? Empty nest syndrome is a recognized phenomenon in which parents can struggle to come to terms with their children leaving home.

Although you might actively encourage your children to become independent, the experience of letting go can be hard. You might find it difficult to suddenly have no children at home who need your care. You might miss being a part of your children's daily lives — as well as the constant companionship.

You might also worry intensely about your children's safety and whether they'll be able to take care of themselves on their own. You might struggle with the transition of your child going away to school.

Camp is a great way for both you and your child to spend time apart, for a short period of time. Practicing independence for both parents and children is another benefit of a great summer camp experience.

5. To give you a break!
Raising children is hard work. It is in no way a reflection on your love for your kids to need and want a break. It will give you some time to do things you need to do, whether this be work, sleep, catching up with overdue DIY, visting friends, or simply having a less stressful schedule to recharge your batteries.

Kids are intense and the summer holidays present a large block of time for parents to organize care and entertainment. Summer camp is a great way to hand over the reins to expert supervision for a short period of time, whilst knowing that they are being looked after by a whole team of people who are carefully chosen to cater to your childs needs.

Maybe we can burn enough of their mental and physical energy that they will come home ready for a rest with you too!

And when you’re ready for camp yourself, try our Women’s Getaway Weekends – fun for you and the perfect getaway. Why should the kids have all the fun?! https://www.campemerson.com/home-women

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