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Anthony Abbiati confirmed as Athletics Director

Date: Thursday, 28 January 2016. -  
American Summer Camp , Announcements, Staff News

Hello all, I’m Anthony Abbiati - I can’t wait to get back to camp. This year I’m thrilled to be in the role of Athletics Director! I’m excited to return, and help shape this big energy department for 2016.

My first year at Camp Emerson was summer 2014! I started as a baseball coach, baseball was always my sport; I’ve played for as long as I can remember. Having coached and played at college level previously it’s safe to say I had a great time coaching at Emerson, and then return the following summer to lifeguard, gave me a very different perspective on camp.

What am I excited about? In two words: The People. There are so many wonderful things at camp. Great activities and instructors, excellent facilities, and beautiful sunshine (fingers crossed)! But more than anything I get to be around some of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met, staff and campers alike!

Looking at our activities, all of your favorites are back, including fitness, tennis, soccer, volleyball, baseball, flag football, basketball, fencing and more. And don’t forget the always incredible Cup of Emerson and camper vs. counselor baseball game! We are looking at ways to include new activities like Ultimate Frisbee, Free running and cross country – a great mix of activities for any level.

Gymnastics is always a great program, with our inflatable airtrak and studio facilities the question is what areas do you want to learn or improve? The uneven bars, the balance beam, your handsprings, the volt? This summer Amy Jones is joined by 2 amazing new instructors they have over 25 years experience between them!

We have Eugene Brown, and Steven Apostolakis back in the department. I know they are as excited to be back as I am. There will also be a host of new instructors to bring in new ideas, classes and games. 2016 is going to be the best one yet!

See you all soon,




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