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Family Summer camp – the alternative family vacation.

Sue Lein
Posted by Sue Lein

Date: Thursday, 18 February 2016. -  
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Have you watched your kids go off for camp and felt a little tinge of envy that you aren’t going to share the fun and excitement of traditional camp activities, the unbreakable bonds formed over campfires, s’mores and bunk comradery?

Or do you have young kids and want to be able to give them a taste of what camp life can be like for them in the future?

At Camp Emerson we recognized that families were missing out on the perfect alternative family vacation. We have an all-inclusive vacation package which includes clean, wooden cabins– one per family, beautifully cooked healthy meals (including allergy safe meals), attentive staff, a very warm heated pool, 2 lakes for watersports, archery, art, science, tennis, hiking and tons of activities to make everyone happy.

You’ll get all the traditional camp activities, plus evening programs that parents and children can all enjoy such as a scavenger hunt, a Monte Carlo night, campfire and a whole lot more. We’ve also planned time just for the kids and separate parent time if you want. You can check out more of our activities and schedule here

We want this to be a truly unique family experience for you this summer and the days are yours to design. All equipment and instruction is included and you can try out anything from our long list of activities. Wouldn’t it be great to teach your children about the joys of water-skiing or tubing in a safe and fun environment? There’s no pressure to stick at something; just simply move on to the next activity you want to try – perhaps there is a rocketry genius in your family or a budding artist ready to express themselves on the pottery wheel.

Art at Camp Emerson familycamp

Children of all ages are welcome. There is no charge for children under age 5. The cost is $299 per person for the 3 days/3 nights.

So if you are looking for an alternative family vacation this summer check out our dedicated microsite here and get in touch to book your space.

Call 800-782-3395 or email: hello@campemerson.com.



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