Tara is back as the Head of Theater!

Date: Wednesday, 27 January 2016. -  
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Hi everyone! My name is Tara McAuley and I will be back at Camp Emerson as the Head of Theater for summer camp 2016!

I am so excited for this summer at Camp Emerson and I can’t wait to share with you all of my new ideas.

This summer, there will be even more opportunities to perform for everyone in theater classes. We will be staging three plays this summer. For Lower Camp: Sleeping Beauty Parlor (Week 2), and for Middle and Upper Camp: Matilda (Week 4) and Disco Inferno (Week 6).

All of your favorite theater classes will be back including acting, improv and dance class as well as some exciting new classes like Junior Directors and Pitch Perfect. We will be hosting variety shows in the theater this summer, which will give all the theater classes the chance to perform their work. You will recognize some of the theater staff from last year, Dan Levine will be back teaching improv this summer which is always an exciting and energetic class.

Rachael McCabe will be back as our fabulous dance instructor teaching you all different styles of dance in our dance studio. There will also be a few new faces joining our theater staff, all with new and exciting ideas to make our theater department at Camp Emerson bigger and better than ever!  

A little bit about me in case you don’t know; I’m Irish and live in the town of Conabury about an hour north of Dublin, Ireland. During the year, I’m a music teacher and I run a youth performing arts group called Fusion. I grew up doing Irish Dancing, singing and performing on stage and in bands. I love the theater and am happiest when I’m showing kids how they can shine on stage. There’s a place for everyone whether you sing, act, dance or work backstage in the theater.  

I am super excited for our theater department this summer as we bring our performances to life. All our classes will have the aim of confidence building, improving your skills and most of all having fun! So spread the work about our exciting shows and new classes and I look forward to seeing you all soon!  




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