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Date: Friday, 15 January 2016. -  
American Summer Camp , Announcements

Camp Emerson 2016 is going to see some exciting changes and additions. I’ve gotten a few questions this fall and thought I’d share the answers; you might have the same questions.

How is visiting day going to work at Summer Camp?
If your child is staying for either 4 weeks or 6 weeks, you will absolutely have the chance to visit them. On Saturday, July 9 and Saturday, July 23, you are welcome to come to camp and take your child out of camp from 11:00am – 3:45pm. Your child can also choose to go on a trip that day as an alternative. The choice is yours. That means 6 week campers can have 2 visits OR 2 extra trips or a combination.

If you are coming to Camp Emerson for one of the 2 week summer camp sessions, there is no visiting day during the session. Every day is packed full with tons of fun while your child is at camp.

Some of the returning campers have asked if there will be a rocket launch or assembly on those days. There will not be any on-site visiting day activities like you’ve had in the past. We've designed the day to make it work for you to visit as a family and for the campers who are leaving and arriving to get our attention too. Our goal is that these days will be smooth and fun and work for everyone. We think this will be a win-win for all.

My child isn't sure which weeks to come? What's planned for each of the 2 weeks?

Here are the highlights for each of the 2 weeks. No matter what session your child attends, it will be filled with laughter, color and tons of fun with camp friends and camp counselors. We are focused on giving each camper a full summer camp experience whether you join us for 2, 4 or 6 weeks.

Weeks 1-2:

  • We will be starting the summer with a huge welcoming party filled with make your own sundaes, counselor talent show, parade of activities and the presentation of 5 year jackets.
  • On July 4th, we’ve got a huge day planned. It starts with a special breakfast, pillow-fight (a Camp Emerson tradition since 1968) and Carnival where each bunk has a booth and there is non-stop fun and special food. (And Yes, any time we have food at camp there are always safe and delicious options for every food allergy.) If that’s not enough, we’re also going to have a beach bash, with camp band performing and fireworks.
  • Amazing Race is the theme of another special event day during the first 2 weeks. Think scavenger hunt crossed with the Amazing Race crossed with a photo rally crossed with an apache relay. It’s non-stop action for everyone.
  • The Lower Camp (campers who have finished 1st – 4th grade) will perform a Fractured Fairy Tale – “Sleeping Beauty Parlor”

Weeks 3-4:

  • New this year will be the Camper Variety Show – it’s much more than a talent show where improve, acting, dance and more will be showcased.
  • Emerfest, Camp Emerson’s Arts Festival, is a great night where art, video, step beyond and cooking creations are on display. It’s a huge celebration of the massive talent we have at Camp Emerson.
  • During the middle 2 weeks, the biggest event is Olympics. This is Camp Emerson’s version of Color War. It’s always wacky, wild and fun. In the past few years, we’ve had Monsters, Monopoly, Circus, Casinos and Harry Potter as our themes. This summer’s theme is a big secret. If your camper likes being in costume and the spirit of an all-camp event, then he/she will want to be here for Olympics.
  • Another play will be presented during week 4. Campers who are enrolled for weeks 1-6 or 1-4 can audition for leads. Campers who join us for weeks 3-4 can be part of the play as well. We will be announcing the play in the February Camper Newsletter.

Weeks 5-6:

  • For 6 full weeks, we pack in activities, trips, special events, overnights and more. And while we never say “good-bye” at Camp Emerson, only “see you”, we do look forward to the end of summer Banquet and Club Emerson. It’s a huge party where we celebrate this summer’s special times and friends. The Hillcrests & Explorers (campers who have finished 9th grade) and Roses & Settlers (campers who have finished 8th grade), will have their big overnight trip during these 2 weeks. It’s a very special trip that is one of the highlights of upper camp.
  • The third play of the summer will be presented during week 6. Campers who are enrolled for weeks 1-6 or 3-6 can audition for leads. Campers who join us for weeks 5-6 can be part of the play as well. We will be announcing the play in the February Camper Newsletter.
  • Culture Night is also scheduled for the last 2 week session. This is when we celebrate the cultures of our campers and staff from all over the USA and the world. It’s a special night filled with anthems, food (all allergy safe) and sharing.
  • Our celebrated in-house camper/counselor soccer tournament, the Cup of Emerson will also be held during weeks 5-6.

Every Session:
Every session can expect to see the continuation of the Pirate Battle we started in 2015. Each 2 weeks will have a piece of the battle. You’ll have to wait until camp to get the details.

Got a question about next summer? Not sure which session to come?

Email Sue at hello@campemerson.com or call 800-782-3395



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