Anya - Age 12

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Anya - Age 12

Anya - Age 12

Hello my name is Anya. I am twelve years old. I have been at Camp Emerson for two years. This is my Camp Story...

When I get off the bus my first year at camp, I see a line of people holding up a bridge for me to walk through. I slowly grab my bags, not wanting to be the first one out. I follow Rebecca, the only girl that I knew in the whole camp. She walks through the bridge, and I follow. We walk over to two counselors holding the letter B above their heads. When we get there they ask us our names. We tell them our names and they check them off the list.

I look around and see all these friends embracing after not seeing each other for so long; even the counselors meeting kids that they haven't seen in forever. Suddenly, Nikki and Ali walk up to Rebecca. They are all hugging and I feel a little lost. Rebecca introduces me, and as all the girls come together, I’m not feeling lost anymore. I feel like by the end of four weeks, I will have made so many more friends. I quickly learn everybody’s name, and I’m relieved to see that there are a few more new girls.

I follow my counselors, Lou and Amy, towards my bunk. As soon as I walk in I see my duffel bags next to my bed. I’m excited. This summer, in only four weeks, I’ll have a chance to be with all these girls. From the first day of camp, until the end of Color Wars I’ll be with them. I already know that this summer will be a summer to remember.



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