Sophie - Age 9

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Sophie - Age 9

Sophie - Age 9

Hello, my name is Sophie. I am 9 years old. I have been at Camp Emerson for 2 years. This is my camp story.

My first year at Camp Emerson I was 8. I was really excited but also nervous. That year I made the best friends a girl could have. We had a wonderful time together that year. Finally it was time to go home. We were all sad to go. I got on the bus and left that year behind. I kept I touch with my friends emailing them and sending letters to them.

The next year I was super excited to come back and couldn’t wait to get to camp. When I got off the bus I was told I was with all of my friends. It made me so happy.

I had had many good times with them and had grown to know them really well. When my friends got off the bus I hugged them because I was so happy to see them and because I had missed them so much.

That year was wonderful. I met some new friends and hung out with my old ones to. Likethe year before, camp went by quick and was soon over.That was a special year because my friendsat camp are one of the best parts of camp.

My camp friends are special friends that I want to have in my bunk for all the years that I am at camp. I hope to be with my friend every year. That is my camp story.



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