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At a Glance

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Key Camp Facts

Our Campers campers

  • 80% of our campers come from Northeast USA – Boston – Washington DC
  • 10% from all over USA – 35 different states
  • 10% International – 39 different countries

Facility facilties

  • 170 Acres
  • Heated Pool and 2 Lakes
  • Located in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts

Activities  activities

  • 50 Activities
  • Activity Areas:
    Performing Arts
    Step Beyond (Science & More)
    Swimming & Watersports
    Visual Arts

Food Allergy Specialist food allergy

  • Industry leader in meal planning and safe food delivery for individuals with food allergies and Celiac Disease 

Transporation transport

  • Bus Pickup/Dropoff – Boston and Westchester NY
  • Airport Pickup/Dropoff Available
  • Free round trip bus for 6 week campers


Staff staff

  • Mature, experienced Staff
  • Extensive onboarding and training program for staff
  • Staff are engaged and passionate

Philosophy philosophy

  • We know every child and every parent
  • Directors spend time with you before camp to get to know your child
  • Excellent communication – very responsive
  • Parents trust us
  • We lead with kindness and respect
  • Excellent instruction at each child’s level
  • We go the extra mile in every aspect of our business to care for our campers
  • Healthy competition where the score is Fun to Fun
  • No killer mentality here.
  • Non-sectarian

Financial financial

  • No requirement to come for longer session after starting with a shorter session – come for the length that works for your family
  • Reduced Fees for Military Families
  • Limited number of scholarships
  • Free round trip bus for 6 week campers